A true synonym for honesty- “ Mr. Manohar Parikar Ji”

Yesterday we lost a Gem of this County. Minister, who was a true replica of honesty, genuineness and had a clean image throughout his political career. The Real Aam Aadmi. There are very few personality in our country that cut all the devises and loved by everyone. Least controversial minister of our Nation Mr. Manohar Parikar Ji. He had no Haters. Often I write about thinks that motivate and give positivity to life. This time I want to acknowledge a person and his devotion for this country, former defense minister, Goa’s 4 time chief minister Mr. Manohar Parikar-

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Manohar Parrikar(onlinecake.in)


He was born in Goa in a middle class family. He Studied at Loyola High School, Margao. After completing his further education from Marathi, he then went on to pursue metallurgical engineering from IIT Bombay (Indian Institute of Technology). He was the first MLA who was from IIT Bombay.


Mr. Manohar Parikar was a member of RSS Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and joined it at a very early age. At the age of 26 he became the sanghchalak(local director) in Mapusa. He was the key organizer for Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

On 24 October 2000 he became the CM of Goa for the first time, but his tenure lasted only for 2 years. The he was re-elected in 2002. But the year 2012 saw Parrikar riding a popularity wave in the state when he took his party to the historic number of 21 out of 40 seats in the assembly. He went on to become the chief minister again. BJP continued its victory mark in the year 2014 when the party won both the Lok Sabha seats.

Manohar Parrikar, By-Diksha Tomar


On 9 November 2014 he was became the Defense Minister of India till 13 march 2017. His stern replies to journalists and the public melted people’s heart and accepted him as a true leader.  Major Operations were held during his tenure which makes us proud as a Nation-

  • North- east operation after militants were killed by insurgent groups was held under Manohar Parikar monitoring, in order to settle peace and serenity in borders for army and locals.
  • The very first surgical strike after the Uri attack was monitored under Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag. They monitored the entire operation in real time, receiving footage from the helmet cameras as well as a drone.
  • Implementation of One Rank One Pension which was a long demand if the Armed forces.
  • Modernization in Indian army. New guns, bullet proof jackets and many more basic stuff he brought in.
  • Speeding the process of Rafale deal.


  • He invested into education and made government hospitals free and also protected Goa’s language interests.
  • Brought the International Film Festival of India, an annual event to Goa’s shores
  • Modernized Goa’s infrastructure
  • IT revolution in Goa
  • Struck down on illegal mining in the state
  • His biggest achievement was the construction of Atal Setu- A 4.2 km long Cable staying bridge which was India’s 3rd longest cable stayed bridge
  • He invested into education and made government hospitals free
  • It was his vision that he started he cyber age scheme which distributed laptops to high school students

Even when was he was battling such chronic diseases not even for one day he forgoes to obey his duties. He presented the Goa Budget when we wasn’t been able to walk properly. Even at his last he was truly dedicated to his work.  Nation salutes hero like that and every minister should take inspiration from him on how to serve the Nation honestly with dedication.




Over thinking is parasitic. It’s viral, deadly. Letting yourself fall victim to over thinking doesn’t just kill your happiness, it destroys who you are. Mind is a beautiful and complex thing, and the only person who can hurt it is you.

People are of different kinds and types, some are rational and some over think too much. It is good to think and give a thought to your decision, but when it happens too much it tends to harm your mental health and life.

So before discussing how to deal with it let’s see what happens when your over think and its impact

  • You tend to built irrational and vague Fears!! Thinks that might even don’t exists.
  • Over thinking cause you unhappiness and start over-powering your life.
  • Your decisions start getting to affect by it, which might result in failure and sometimes loss of good opportunities.
  • Over thinking can also affect your relations with others. You tend to have lack of trust and insecurities.

To some individuals sometime it can cause anxiety disorder issues. There is nothing that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts. So let’s discuss how to cope with over thinking-

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Becoming Self-Aware-

The first and foremost step, that you become self-aware that you are an over thinker. There are few symptoms which can make you realize, like if you become hyper vigilant, always on the lookout of something that is worrisome and negative, having a fear of failures and increased insecurities.

These are some of the symptoms by which you can realize and become aware of the fact that you are an over thinker or not.

Focus on Present

Start focusing on your present, set short-term goals for you. Pay attention to what you are going to day, live your life in present and stop thinking about what is going to happen in future. Worrying about things might go wrong, doesn’t helps to go things right.

Focus on now and live life to its fullest.

Be your own Fan

Don’t get worried about the fact whether people like you or not. Love Yourself, Praise Yourself. Be selfless, kind and generous to others. No one can take care of you better then yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others as well. Crave and claim a certain amount of time for yourself. Give a treat to yourself. Order a cake from onlinecake.in . Just tap on your browser and look for online cake delivery in delhi. Treating yourself once in a while won’t hurt.

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Meditate and Work for Mental Health

Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of Serenity!! Taking care of mental and health is the key to all of your thinking problems. Meditation gives you inner strength, a power to take your decision rationally and to cope up with failures in a better way. Work on yourself and your mental health.

You can’t control everything-

Everyone has faced failures, everyone makes mistakes. See all those great motivators and role models each and everyone has seen their lows.  Focus on bigger picture, learn from your experiences. Stop worrying about what had gone wrong and what can go right.

Remember a negative mind can never give you a positive life.


Desserts are possibly the best thing in everyone’s life. Every human have a sweet tooth for some particular dessert. I can name you an endless list for my favorite desserts. But do you know what are the most world famous desserts…?  Fascinating isn’t it, so let me take you on a world tour for some famous and most delicious dessert in the World. For more such things explore onlinecake.in get an online cake delivery in delhi.

 Germany- Black Forest Cake

Fairy tales and mountain-top castles, apart from this Germany is famous for a toothsome delight Black Forest Luscious Cakes. Dark rounds of chocolate cake are doused in a cherry syrup spiked with kirschwasser, a sour cherry brandy, then stacked atop a thin, chocolate base with deep layers of whipped cream and fresh cherries.

If that wasn’t flavor enough, the whole thing is swathed in more cream, dusted with shaved chocolate and studded with cherries. The resulting cake is a frothy dream dessert that’s the star of pastry cases around Germany, where it’s known as a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.


 United States- Chocolate Chip Cookies

The quintessential American treat is deceptively simple: a basic, creamed-butter cookie recipe turns out to have endless subtle variations that produce dramatically different results.

Whatever your favorite version, a perfect chocolate chip cookie is a delicate balance of textures and flavors. A crispy rim gives way to a tender, melting center, and the buttery sweetness of the dough sets off the slight edge of bittersweet chocolate and brown sugar.

Legend has it that the chocolate chip cookie has its origins in a happy accident, when Massachusetts inn owner Ruth Wakefield stirred chopped chocolate into her cookie dough in an attempt to make uniformly chocolaty cookies. Her brand-new recipe was published in a Boston newspaper, and the rest was pastry history.



Portuguese food rarely gets when we talk about the best cuisines in the world. But when it comes to the best desserts in the world we shouldn’t dare to miss it!

Pasteis de natacustard tartis a traditional Portuguese dessert, with a flavorsome pastry shell a bit crispy and flaky, filled to the top with a sweet, creamy custard center. It is served warm with a light dusting of cinnamon. if you’re holidaying in Portugal you just can’t simply miss this delicious heaven.

The history of these delights is quite interesting, these were first created by the residents of the Jeronimos Monastery over 300 years ago in Belem. After the Jeronimosmonastery got shut, the original recipe was passed on to a cafe Pasteis de Belem, where it is still a closely guarded secret.Almost every bakery in the town has tried to recreate this magical toothsome dessert, but got nowhere close to the original recipe.

Due to its unique history this Pasteis de nata is a very worthy entry.

custard tarts


Tiramisu is one of dessert that needs no introduction. Do you know what does it stand for – ‘pick-me-up’.This luscious dessert is made up of sponge fingers soaked in coffee, beautifully layered between a coffee-flavored cheese whipped with eggs and sugar, and then lastly topped with cocoa. Tiramisu is the perfect end after every feast and can be found on most Italian cafes in the country.

Tiramisu is not an old dessert, but it was originated in 90’s in Veneto region of Italy. Despite being relatively new tiramisu has rapidly become popular desserts in the world.



Gulabjamun is a very known and famous dessert in the India. It is more like a deep-fried doughnut soaked in sweet syrup. Ever thought what can be better than this and you’ve got gulabjamun.

Gulabjamun is made by khoa (by boiling milk), flour, yogurt and clarified butter with certain flavors before rolling into a ball and deep frying. It is then soaked in infused syrup for certain hours so that the sweetness is perfectly soaked in it.

It’s one of the best desserts in the world, it is prepared during festivals, family functions, and in every Indian wedding. You can easily find these irresistible delights in most of the restaurants in India.



Churros originating from Spain are traditionally deep-fried dough sticks, but gained popularity in Latin America, Colombia, and Mexico. These are a major hit in the street cafes of these countries.

Churros are made from a pastry, piped through nozzle into hot oil. Fried until golden brown after that sprinkled with sugar. Traditionally eaten for breakfast or brunch, dipped or drizzled with hot chocolate, but these are common dessert in most of the restaurants there. You must give these gorgeous luscious a try at least for once and we are certain that you can’t simply resist its magic!!



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Holi is the festival of Colors, Joy and Happiness in India We officially welcome the spring by this festival. As the festival is round the corner no matter how much you love and adore this festival, your skin and hairs are going to suffer the harsh impact of it. Because these days there are different sorts of synthetic colors are available in the market that have lots of chemical in it. These colors can badly damage you skin and hair. It is better to have protection now. So here are some few pre-holi skin and hair tips for you-

happy holi-onlinecake.in
Onlinecake.in wishes you a colorful Happy Holi


Before you go out make sure to use a proper sunscreen of at least 40 SPF or more. Go for a sweat proof & heat proof sunscreen, why I am recommending this because this type of sunscreen doesn’t come off easily. Apply the sunscreen to any bare part of your body face neck, hands, etc..


Moisturizer is like food to your skin. Start applying a good moisturizer and lather your skin with it prior one week of Holi. It will create a protective layer on the skin & prevent it from after drying effects of the harsh Holi colors. Apply 2 3 coats of it before playing Holi it will make easier to get rid of the colors once you are done playing.

If you are out of moisturizer you can use baby oil or lightweight, non-sticky body oil Instead. Apply it generously all over your body before playing Holi. My mother used to do this when I was a kid. It is great tip trick to make sure that colors are removed easily from your skin even if you get drenched in colored water.


The colors used during Holi can dehydrate your skin so prior one week keep hydrated. Drink juices, coconut water, drink enough water, and eat fruits.


Coat your lips with Vaseline or a good quality lip balm to prevent them from getting chapped, trust me it is as important as other tips.


While playing Holi choose clothes that fully cover your body. Wear full sleeve, covering clothes before going to get all those colors on. This will act as a physical safeguard for your skin. Nothing is better than shielding your body by a physical barrier.


Forget about all the bollywood desi holi songs, all that dreams of untied flying hairs. If you love your hair, put a very lightweight oil and tie them!!!. Guys can wear a Holi special cap or bandana (for girls) it will give you a cool look, while saving your hairs. If you are not a oil fan than apply a leave in serum to your locks before heading out to play Holi. It will give your hair a layer of protection from the harsh colors & the damaging effects of the sun rays.


If you do not want to attend college or office with Holi-stained nails it is best to apply 2-3 coats of transparent nail paint on your nails before going out to play Holi.

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