As the Trends predict NDA’s will have a massive victory in the Lok Sabha Elections.  The Verdict is out BJP makes it’s Mark again. Election 2019 was all about MODI V/S Everyone. A man has never been hated and loved so much in the history of Indian Politics. What really worked for them..? Is it because of the creation of Brand Modi. BJP has played its card really well. They know exactly how to influence and drive the public of this Nation.

Mission Shakti- Modi

One thing is very much clear from the Verdict that this Nation as clearly rejected Rahul Gandhi as a leader for this Nation. Congress need to sulk in and concentrate on the fact what went wrong for them and things they really need to work on.

Regional parties also failed to make a mark in this Election. Can we say that when it comes to Central Election the role of regional parties is almost vanished?

The thing which is a matter of concern is this real problem was least talked about and focused. We hope this time the Government focuses and work on real issues. Rather than talking they work and make more effort in building a strong and prosperous Nation.

Voting Image

For other parties we would like to say swallow and digest the Verdict. The Nation has spoken its Voice loud and clear. Play your role in the opposition well and contribute in Nations Development. As Indian citizen we should support our government in making a better future.

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TOP COUNTRIES WITH GOOD COUNTRY INDEX- When will India Make it’s Place..?

India is a country with many economic and social problems. We are fighting with so many prevailing social conditions that in this scenario if someone will talk about the good country index or living standard then it will appear as a joke to us.

In India more than half of the population percent is living a stressful and unhealthy life. We are so lost that in our own problems that we can’t even think about the living conditions, change in climate or nature. People and intellectuals talk and very few are doing some great efforts but these efforts are not sufficient.

Poverty in India

Aren’t we are responsible for all of this..?? On this 23rd the Election Result will be out. Now pause for a minute and take a look back what were the issues we focused on..? You will get your answer.

India has a long way to go and make a place in Good Country Index. But here are some of the countries that did. Have a look-


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A Guide To Prevent Your Child From Digital World Harmful Effects

Our reliance on the internet is increasing day by day. The internet is as important for us, far more than that for the next generation. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to join this world.

Brother’s phones and laptops goes hand in hand. Half the trade they do through this. Buaji had to make royal cheese, opened the tube and learned. Now there is peace in the house. What is it that more time of father’s time passes in the phone and the shortcomings of the house are less visible to him. Mummy also speaks out of the wall of the world through this small instrument and speaks to her teacher. Childhood celebs have been found after years and chatting has begun in the WhatsApp group.

Internet Parenting Tips

But, When you little one came running to run the net, you scolded him. Saying that this internet is not his work, grow up then you will get it. Wow, in what age are you living? This is the world that moves forward and if the internet is your very thing, then there is no lesser blessing for your child too. In the book, when the child reads about the use of the Internet, even though there are only a few uses of the internet, it is actually one of the vital needs of life. How can you keep your beloved away from this? Your concern is justified in its place, but its needs cannot be ignored. You have to teach him to walk with the world in step by step. By giving a little vigilance and accuracy, you can make the child feel comfortable and a part of this e-world.

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Simple Tips To Stay Positive Everyday

Finding difficult to stay positive!! Well the truth is this worlds break everyone. Some lose themselves and some gather the strength to fight, struggle and succeed. Well when you on the broader aspect of life then you will realize the fact that there isn’t anything that can’t be overcome. You will always find a reason or someone to overcome that situation or your fear.

positive quotes

Everything depends on the very fact that how you respond to that, what you bring on the table. It will always you who will decide what is good or bad for you. You are your first savior you very first help that will require to move on.

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Chennai Super Kings V/S Mumbai Indians – Captain Cool V/S Captain Cool

In the IPL, the final match of the tournament has already started. Defending champions Chennai Super King is in the eighth time in the final by defeating Delhi. Now her title match will be from the Mumbai Indians. Both teams have the opportunity to make a title round. In the last 11 seasons, both the teams have won 3-3 titles. The final match will be held on Sunday at 7.30 pm at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Both teams have won the IPL title three times and now the team who will win this season will make history. Now, these are the history Rohit or Dhoni, who will make it known on Sunday, but it will not be easy to get Rohit’s fanatics in the finals for the Dhoni army.


Mumbai and Chennai have clashed three times in the final

This is the fourth chance in IPL history when Mumbai and Chennai will face each other in the final. Before this, these two teams have thrown in the final three times where the bet is in the hands of Mumbai. Mumbai and Chennai were introduced to each other in 2010 for the first time in the IPL. This time Chennai beat Mumbai by 22 runs and took the title to their name. It was exactly the same time that in the year 2013, the final match was played between Mumbai and Chennai again. This time Mumbai had won the title by taking his last revenge, defeating Dhoni’s CSK by 23 runs. The third time the two teams face the final match in 2015. This time again, Rohit’s captaincy took the title. In this match, Mumbai defeated Delhi by 41 runs. At the moment, statistics say that in the final, Chennai has played against Mumbai but this time Chennai has a great opportunity to take revenge for the 2015 defeat.

Captain: Rohit Sharma vs MS Dhoni

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma and Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni have very similarities. The biggest similarity is their unresolved nature and control over their emotions. Both of these players are less angry on the field. The interesting thing is that both of these captains make little changes in the team. It shows how much faith they have on their players. While Dhoni is an expert in strategy, Rohit has a consistent perspective of veterans like mentor Sachin Tendulkar and coach Mahela Jayawardene.

Chennai and Mumbai match this season

In this season, Chennai and Mumbai were held twice during the league match and Rohit’s team won both times. In the first match of the league, both the teams met at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, where CSK lost to Mumbai by 37 runs.

The second match was played at Chennai’s Chepauk Stadium. Even here, Mumbai had defeated Chennai by six wickets on their home ground. The team’s command was in the hands of Dhoni only in both the losers against Mumbai but Rohit did not even have one in front of him. Now the results of this season’s performance and the results of the earlier finals have come as a result of the fact that Mumbai’s top position in Chennai in the final is huge.

Strength of both teams

Mumbai Indians

Batting – IPL is the only team that has almost all dependable players. Opener Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock are doing well in the season, while Suryakumar Yadav, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya and Krupal Pandya have the capability to dominate any bowler in the middle order. The most interesting thing is that all the batsmen in Mumbai are hard-hitter, but they can also bat in the match according to the situation.

Bowling- if talk about of fast bowling, Jaspreet Bumrah (17 wickets), Lasith Malinga (15 wickets) and Hardik Pandya (14 wickets) are in the form of Gajab. Wherever Malinga is presenting a tough challenge for opposition batsmen, Bumrah is considered the best bowler of the present time. Rahul Chahar (12 wickets) and Kunal Pandya (11 wickets) have taken wickets at crucial moments.

Chennai Super Kings

Batting- The team has players like Shane Watson, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu and MS Dhoni himself, who are not only experienced but also able to change the game’s attitude on his own. In the lower order, there are also hit players like Ravindra Jadeja and Dwayne Bravo.

Bowling- Deepak Chahars in the team’s fast bowling is consistently performing well. On the other hand, Chennai’s spin attack is a strong side. Better with Harbhajan Singh, who previously played for Mumbai. Imran Tahir is running in a formidable form. He has taken 24 wickets so far this season.

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Who doesn’t love dressing up..?? But wearing clothes and especially choosing the right ones is not that easy. Don’t worry we got you there. This time we have come up with the latest and the most trending dresses for this season. Be it there color, style or prints everything thing is just perfect for the season.

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Summer dress


If you are heading for a evening party/ night out this dress will make you standout in of everyone. It’s sparkle, it’s beautiful light sky blue hue will keep people gushing about it. Team up with a silver pep toes to complete the look. Don’t put too much make-up. Keep you hair straight and look minimal and impress the crowd.

Sparkle sky blue dress

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Astronomers Captures First Image of Black Hole

Some astronomers finally managed to click a picture of Black Whole. Well, if you think what’s big in this and we must tell you it’s distance from earth. Black hole is 55 Millions away from Earth. Yes!! that far. As soon this news was out in the world, everyone in the scientific field started celebrating. For every physicist in the world, it’s time for a huge celebration. Everyone celebrating by opening a bottle of wine, that’s big this achievement really is.

Black Hole Image
First Image of Black Hole

After this during an interview, Michio Kaku shares some insight on this and tell the importance of this achievement. He stated-” We physicist waited a 100 years, since 1916 for this photograph. This photograph is the smoking gun. First of all the black disc in the centre is the advent horizon. The point of the return, you fall through advent horizon and never come out. It’s like a cosmic motel. Everything checks in. nothing checks out. In fact, our solar system could be devoured for lunch by this black hole and the black hole wouldn’t even burpp!! That’s how big this monster really is (sarcasm) and we finally captured it on film.

Black Hole is a matter of discussion quite a decade. Very few achievement and growth have been done in this research. But after this picture, there is a ray of hope for our physicist. This will help them revealing the unsolved greater mysteries of this universe.

How it was made Possible..??

Radio telescopes were lash together with computers. The signals from 7 and 8 radio telescopes were combined to give a telescope of a size that was suitable for the experiment.

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