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January is the first month of the year. This is the month of beginning and new aspirations. This month is filled with positives vibes and celebration. People want to relax and remain ecstatic at the same time. January is the month for celebration and can you imagine a celebration that is complete without a cake…??? Well, I know I know your answer will be NO!!  

This time choose a cake which will make your January worth remembering. We have list some of our special cake that you can try this month and we are sure you care going to love this little adventure. Have a look and share your thoughts with us-


Our Favorite Chocolate with the goodness of healthy walnuts. Noone can say no to this amazing combo. Walnut dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled al over the cake will give you a mouthful. If you haven’t tried this cake before then this is the right time for experimenting. This January order this cake for a little sweet adventure.


The other absolute favorite beverage of ours is Coffee. This cake is a treat for all the cake lovers. A bte of this cake will wake up all your nerves. Coffee mixed with dark chocolate will give you a luscious taste which will make you crave for more!!! Planning for a celebration in your office this is the cake you can go for this month.  


In the freezing month of January why not go for Frozen Cake. If your Kids birthday fall in the month of January then order this doll cake to impress your little princess. Frozen Elsa cake is inspired from Disney’s princess Elsa which the new favorite of your little girl.  


Not a favorite of Chocolate cake…?? Go for the old and classic Butterscotch cake. Butterscotch is presumably the most capricious and eccentric. Butterscotch caramel showered chips converged with decency of white chocolate and butterscotch ganache. Butterscotch cakes are the most able flavor for your uncertain minutes. Each individual in the room will lick their fingers.

The yummy layers of chocolate Oreo on this cake is an ideal decision for any event. Be it your little one’s birthday gathering or parent’s wedding commemoration festivity, this crunchy and chocolatey cake will mean the fun and energy of your festivals. You can arrange Oreo cakes from our site to wish your friends and family on uncommon events and offer their taste buds a grand flavor. The divine kind of Oreo cakes will expand multiple times when savored with close ones while loving cheerful minutes from an earlier time.

So, have you decided your flavor for the month…? All the cake mentioned above is available in the options of personalized, 2-tier, 2- tier. Wedding cake, heart-shaped and in eggless variation too.  

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Top Benefits Of Avocado

Avocado is counted among the world’s most popular fruits. Its flavor is slightly like butter, so it is also called butter fruit. It is consumed in a variety of ways, such as smoothing, with bread toast or with ice cream. Avocados have been called superfoods. It contains less sugar content, while it is rich in nutrients such as fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids.
In this article, learn how avocado can benefit your body. Before that, you know some other special things about this fruit.

What is avocado ?
Avocado is a scientifically called Persia american. It is believed that this particular fruit originated in southern Mexico and Colombia almost seven thousand years ago. On the basis of its size it was also named Eleigator Pierce. There are many varieties around the world, from which Haas Avocado is the most popular. Haas avocado is the most special in terms of nutrients. Therefore, it is cultivated in many countries of the world. Learn about the benefits of eating avocado.

Benefits of Avocado

Heart health
Avocado is considered good for heart health. According to a report, Avocado HDL works to increase cholesterol (good cholesterol), which proves beneficial for the heart. According to another report, Avocado can reduce the level of LDL (poor cholesterol) and can protect from the risk of heart disease. Monounsaturated acids present in the fruit work to make it special. To keep the heart healthy, you can make Avocado a part of your lifestyle.

Digestive health
There are many benefits of Avocado for digestive health. There is more amount of fiber and potassium, which are known to promote healthy digestion. Focusose is low in the Avocado therefore its intake reduces the risk of gas in the stomach. Avocado can be consumed in the case of diarrhea. Potassium present in it works to lose lost electrolytes. You can include this particular fruit in your diet to survive the stomach problem.

To lose weight
Studies show that the people who eat the Avocado their weight and the BMI are controlled. It can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. Following the control of weight monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber elements present in the Avocado are responsible.

For eyes
Avocado can be beneficial for eyes. Avocado is rich in carotenoid, such as lutin and glycin, which work to maintain the health of the eyes. According to the report, Lutin can work with age to reduce eye-related problems. In addition, this fruit is also rich in vitamin-E, which is the essential element for better health of the eyes.

For Cancer
Even avocado can be consumed to avoid fatal illness like cancer. Avocadona contains an element called avocatin-B, which can work to fight leukemia stem cells. Leukemia stem cells can cause cancer. According to another study, avocado prostate cancer can stop the development of cells. For this, there is a monounsaturated fat present in this fruit. Monounsaturated other phytochemicals can contribute to reducing the risk of cancer.

Oral health
You can also use avocado for mouth health. Avocado is rich in fatty acids, vitamins-D and fibers, which can get rid of inflammation of gingivitis and periodontontitis (infection with gums). To keep teeth healthy, you can start using avocado.

For the strengthening of bones
There are plenty of advantages for Avocado for bones too. In raw avocado, a mineral called boron is found, which can benefit the bones by increasing the absorption of calcium. This special fruit is rich in vitamins, which plays an important role in the health of bone. This nutrient works to deliver overprotective benefits to the bones. Avocado can also be beneficial in diseases like arthritis. According to the research, this fruit contains monounsaturated fat which has inflammatory capacity.

Liver Health
You can also take Avocado for Liver Health. Avocado is rich in fiber and works to keep fiber liver healthy. To avoid the risk of liver, you can include avocado in your daily diet.

Kidney Health
There are plenty of advantages of avocado for kidneys too. Evocado is rich in potassium, which can reduce kidney risk. According to a report, chronic kidney disease is associated with hypertension, heart disease and stroke and potassium can work to reduce blood pressure.

For rheumatism
Bones also have the advantages of eating avocado. Avocado can help in the treatment of arthritis. Monounsaturated fat present in avocado has anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial for arthritis like bone disease. Avocado is also rich in Vitamin D, which is considered to be an important element for bone.

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How to Gift Bouquet to a Special Someone Using Online Flower Delivery? — Shalini Sharma

For the majority of men, it is difficult to verbalize their sense. We believe its exactly why God made flowers. These types of tiny little blooms could show sentiments in a new manner nothing can. Blossoms speak a universal vocabulary which is understood by almost all. For hundreds of years, they have recently been an […]

How to Gift Bouquet to a Special Someone Using Online Flower Delivery? — Shalini Sharma


Red velvet cake is traditionally a red, red-brown, mahogany, maroon, crimson or scarlet colourchocolate layer cake, layered with white cream cheese or ermine icing. In recent years, red velvet cake and red velvet cupcakes have become seemingly popular.

  •   Prep Time-20 mins
  •   Cook Time-35 mins
  •   Total Time-55 mins
  •   Servings: 16 Servings or 1 (3 layer) cake



  •          3 cups all-purpose flour
  •          3 cups granulated sugar
  •          1/2 cup cornstarch
  •          1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  •          1 tablespoon baking soda
  •          1½ teaspoons baking powder
  •          1½ teaspoons salt
  •          4 large eggs
  •          1½ cups buttermilk
  •          1 1/4 cups warm water
  •          ½ cup vegetable oil
  •          1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  •          1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar
  •          2 tablespoons red food colouring


  •          16 ounces cream cheese softened
  •          1 cup butter softened
  •          4 cups powdered sugar
  •          1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  •          First preheat the stove. Spread three cake skillets. Residue with some flour and tap out the residual .
  •          Combine all the dry fixings flour, sugar, cornstarch, cocoa, preparing soft drink, heating powder, and salt in a bowl well. Utilize a stand blender utilizing a low speed to get an ideal mix. Continue blending until joined.
  •          Presently begin including eggs, buttermilk, warm water, oil, vanilla, vinegar, and nourishment shading. Beat the blend on a medium/low speed until smooth.
  •          Presently take three separate dish and partition the hitter among them, similarly.
  •          Prepare for about 30 minutes decisively
  •          Addition a toothpick stick and if tells the truth, your cake is prepared.
  •          Take out the cakes from broiler and spot it on wire racks for 15 minutes and after that turn out the cakes onto the racks and permit cooling totally.
  •          Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to apply icing.
  •          Take a vast bowl, beat together margarine and cream cheddar until cushy. Utilize a stand blender for best outcomes.
  •          Include vanilla concentrate. Beat until consolidated. Beat in the powdered sugar cautiously include one glass at given moment until icing is smooth.
  •          Collect and apply the icing on a totally cooled cake.

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India is probably the only country with so many festivals and diversity in religion. Every now and then there is a festival knocking our door. This time it’s Dussehra on 8th of October. So, gear up for the festival season. Enjoy and celebrate with love and peace.

Dussehra is the day when Lord Rama Killed Ravan. This festival depicts triumph of good over evil. This festival is celebrated across nation. Since, the country is so diverse we get to see variations in the festival in many ways. Today is going to give you a glimpse to this festival season and how it is celebrated in our country. Let’s get on the ride-


Bengalis have a sweet-tooth and we as a whole realize that! Dussehra goes ahead the tenth day of Durga Puja, which is the principle celebration of Bengalis. Thus, to praise the celebration of Dussehra, they get ready and serve rasgulla, pantua, sandesh and payesh.


Dussehra has a unique hugeness in the life of each Gujrati and Dussehra comes after Navratri, in this way, it is a similarly significant celebration for them. To commend this uncommon event, they get ready jalebi and fafda and offer it to the God and after that serve them as ‘prasad’ to family and companions.


Aside from Bengalis and Gujaratis, Maharashtrian likewise commend the celebration with extraordinary bliss and vitality. In this state, ‘Kadakani’, a sort of sweet and appetizing dish, is arranged and presented with green bean stew chutney to every one of the visitors.


In practically all the northern locales of India, individuals make jalebi, kheer, halwa, laddoo and numerous other such sweet dishes to commend the celebration of Dussehra.


In the southern pieces of India, dishes like yereyappa, payasam, hot murruku and appams are arranged and circulated to the precious ones to observe Vijayadashami.

The one thing which is very common across nation is the fondness of cakes. We this time present you an extravagant cake based on Dusshera theme. If you want a similar cake for the festival then you can choose your own theme. We prepare this Eggless Cake in accordance with the festival.

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Daughter’s Day Celebration

Today is Sunday, Daughters Day. That is, a special day for daughters around the world. There is a saying that sons carry forward the dynasty, but the beauty of the house comes only from the flirtation of the daughters. She is a daughter who understands all the problems of a mother without speaking. Sometimes she becomes a mother’s cute daughter doll, sometimes she supports her in her troubles, her hand in the kitchen, her best friend who shares her secret.

The closer a daughter is to her mother, the more the love and love of her father. For any daughter, her father is a superhero who can save her from any problem. Having a daughter makes the father more caring and emotional. Overall, daughters add a new life to the bribes. This is the special day of these daughters. But how did the trend of celebrating Daughters Day started in the world? We tell you this …

How did ‘Daughters Day’ begin?

Actually Daughters Day is celebrated all over the world on different days and different times. In India, it is celebrated on the last Sunday of September every year. No matter how much the daughters are progressing today, but in many parts of society, daughters are undermined by sons. In such a situation, to promote equality, the government of some countries decided to celebrate this day. People’s mindset is slowly changing with time. Gradually, the trend of celebrating Daughters Day is increasing among the people. Today, people are celebrating the daughter’s birth. So what are you thinking, you too, celebrate today with your dear dear daughter and make them realize how important she is to you.

When a man becomes the father of a daughter, then there are many important changes in his life. Like it becomes more emotional than ever. More care and profession comes in it. The peace and love that any daughter feels by staying near her father does not match the love of anyone else. He is the first hero of his life. The daughter always thinks that Papa can fulfill her every dream. We can solve all his confusion. Such a father tries to fulfill every wish of his daughter. Father wants to fulfill his dreams and career, from his daughter’s education. The wings of flying in the open sky are met with the encouragement of the father. There is a halt to life, fathers never leave their daughter’s company. Whatever the circumstances, the father’s dear love keeps the daughter.

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Friendship is more then Family

Group of five happy friends boys and girls hugging each other. Friendship title. Cartoon hand drawn illustration for your design.

Throughout everyday life, in case you’re searching for friends you won’t discover many, you will see that they are rare, however on the off chance that you go out to be a friend, you will discover them all over the place.

My proposal to you in case you’re willing to have a gathering of friends, discover a gathering who difficulties you and moves you; invest a great deal of energy with them, it will completely change you.


Your group can influence you, either in a positive manner or in a negative manner. If we are in a decent group, associating and discussion sessions can bring the best out of us. They can help you in understanding your actual potential. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have the sort of friends who simply tattle around and drink their evenings out, the equivalent is going to transpire too, pick your group admirably.


Being a little considerate will always help you in bringing your friend and developing a stronger bond with them. Remembering their birthdays and anniversary is just a little start. Make them feel special with our wide range of lip-smacking cakes and online cake delivery in Noida.


It is a reality should have been learned in life that you needn’t bother with a major friend network, all it makes a difference is how enormous their heart is. More friends just mean all the littler talks, and to be completely forthright, don’t be keen on little talks! I favor profound discussions to casual banter, casual banter just sucks out life, it is smarter to have a couple of friends and have profound discussions about existence and about dreams of life rather than dreams they saw the previous evening.


I let you know in the beginning to have a gathering of friends that moves you and moves you to show signs of improvement, it’s significant, a friends who can cause you to understand your actual potential, who is severely legit to you and the person who can remind you not to return to your ex again and again, a friends who can be your tutor, a friends to chill with and a friends to go on experience with. Have different if not one, since it’s elusive every one of the characteristics in only one, however if you do, you’re truly honored, old buddy. Your friends don’t need similar leisure activities or enthusiasm similarly as you have, however it’s significant that they remind you what your identity is, yet I know, it’s not generally work, work and work, it’s critical to have somebody to chill with, something else, it’s going to get discouraging, would it say it isn’t?

Comprehend your friends and search for the best in them, anytime in their life they can have a feeble minute and need assistance, help them. You also may sway or dither or even trip en route, you will likewise have somebody strong and understanding in those occasions, truly, that is the thing that friends are there for.

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Simple Tips For Healthy Diet

The importance of a balanced diet is in our life, but with this, it is also necessary to make changes in our daily routine. So get up at the right time, sleep at the right time, take full sleep and try to stay away from stress.

Balanced Diet

1. Please include dry fruits and fruits in your diet.

2. Never miss a meal. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right time. If you leave anytime for food, then you may feel hungry at one time and your desire to eat will increase, which is why you eat more at one time. This will give you stomach disorders, problems with weight gain and many other problems.

3. Do not consume excessive salt or sugar.

4. Avoid eating oily and junk food.

5. Regularly exercise with a nutritionally balanced diet If you can not go to the gym then you must do the morning and evening walks.

Always remember your body is a temple and you need to take care of it, but treating yourself once in a while won’t hurt you. You can go for our sugar-free fruit cake. Just tap on your browser and look for online cake delivery in noida to get a home delivery.

online cake delivery in noida

Monsoon Travel Places Ideas In India

Heat and Sweat kills you in Summer and everyone just need a break from it. Often people in India decide to explore other countries and places like France, Prauge, Thailand, Switzerland, etc. Sometimes, it is out from your budget or sometime you don’t have that much holidays left to enjoy your vacation completely. This time i have come up with some great places within the border of the country that will not even make you miss all those places. These are time saving and cost saving as well. So let’s have look at all these beautiful destinations in India-


If you’re one of those people who actually love rain and don’t mind getting drenched here and there, head to spectacular Shimla, a hill station with truly romantic scenery. Enjoy the misty clouds lazily floating by and local waterfalls like Spread Eagle Falls and Elephant Falls that become truly beautiful only during the rainy season.

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