India is probably the only country with so many festivals and diversity in religion. Every now and then there is a festival knocking our door. This time it’s Dussehra on 8th of October. So, gear up for the festival season. Enjoy and celebrate with love and peace.

Dussehra is the day when Lord Rama Killed Ravan. This festival depicts triumph of good over evil. This festival is celebrated across nation. Since, the country is so diverse we get to see variations in the festival in many ways. Today onlinecake.in is going to give you a glimpse to this festival season and how it is celebrated in our country. Let’s get on the ride-


Bengalis have a sweet-tooth and we as a whole realize that! Dussehra goes ahead the tenth day of Durga Puja, which is the principle celebration of Bengalis. Thus, to praise the celebration of Dussehra, they get ready and serve rasgulla, pantua, sandesh and payesh.


Dussehra has a unique hugeness in the life of each Gujrati and Dussehra comes after Navratri, in this way, it is a similarly significant celebration for them. To commend this uncommon event, they get ready jalebi and fafda and offer it to the God and after that serve them as ‘prasad’ to family and companions.


Aside from Bengalis and Gujaratis, Maharashtrian likewise commend the celebration with extraordinary bliss and vitality. In this state, ‘Kadakani’, a sort of sweet and appetizing dish, is arranged and presented with green bean stew chutney to every one of the visitors.


In practically all the northern locales of India, individuals make jalebi, kheer, halwa, laddoo and numerous other such sweet dishes to commend the celebration of Dussehra.


In the southern pieces of India, dishes like yereyappa, payasam, hot murruku and appams are arranged and circulated to the precious ones to observe Vijayadashami.

The one thing which is very common across nation is the fondness of cakes. We this time present you an extravagant cake based on Dusshera theme. If you want a similar cake for the festival then you can choose your own theme. We prepare this Eggless Cake in accordance with the festival.

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