Monsoon Travel Places Ideas In India

Heat and Sweat kills you in Summer and everyone just need a break from it. Often people in India decide to explore other countries and places like France, Prauge, Thailand, Switzerland, etc. Sometimes, it is out from your budget or sometime you don’t have that much holidays left to enjoy your vacation completely. This time i have come up with some great places within the border of the country that will not even make you miss all those places. These are time saving and cost saving as well. So let’s have look at all these beautiful destinations in India-


If you’re one of those people who actually love rain and don’t mind getting drenched here and there, head to spectacular Shimla, a hill station with truly romantic scenery. Enjoy the misty clouds lazily floating by and local waterfalls like Spread Eagle Falls and Elephant Falls that become truly beautiful only during the rainy season.

Amazing isn’t it..??? If you are a travel and food blogger then for once you should visit these places. Speaking of Food have you tried Cakes..?? If not, then you should!!! Nothing in this world is more delectable then these cakes. Order online for an instant online cake delivery in delhi now!!!

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