Yuvraj Singh- A Warrior With True Fighting Spirit Finally Bid Good Bye

Yuvraj who was recognized by the name of ‘Maharaj’ of Indian cricket, said good bye to cricket when Team India was celebrating Australia by defeating Australia in the league match in the ongoing World Cup in England. The news was shocking. But why not, because this time the great fortune of cricket is going on in the world. At such a time, if the warrior who wrote the glory of victory twice for Team India took his retirement from cricket, it is imperative to be discussed and it will definitely be understood by the cricket experts, why Yuvraj Singh retired from the three formats of cricket at the time of the World Cup.

No one in the Cricket history can ever forget his contribution in 2017 World Cup. But this man showed a real fighting spirit when he was diagnosed with Cancer. Everyone was shocked, but this man never gave up. He frighted like a true Lion. We hope for a better future for him. To read more about this man click on the link below-

yuvraj singh

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I Am Grateful For You Being In My Life Father

Father is the most beautifully person that God has ever created. He is the most inspiring and influential person who motivates and guide us through every step of our life. He is our first Guru, first teacher. Many influential people in the world have said a lot of great things about the role of Father in a Child’s Life or how their own Father has helped them in being successful and grateful towards life.

My Father has taught me so much in Life. Honesty, being kind selflessly, considerate, passionate for work and so many things. He is the man who is not righteous in many situation and he said it is okay to be so as a human can’t be perfect in every situation. What is more important to realize your mistake and correct it. He always told me “Life is a difficult path and you are going to hurt people and people are going to hurt you as well. Forgive and forget easily this is the Only Key For A Happy Life”.

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Best Places to Visit in Thailand

You Live Only Once
Explore the World
Live the fullest

Shalini Sharma

If you are thinking of traveling overseas in less budget then plan for Thailand. where you’ll be able to enjoy from the middle to the massages, nightlife and the Tasty Foods. And from more dangerous to non-peer experiences, Thailand is also famous everywhere the world. learn about them .

Khao Lak

khao lak

If you get bored with the crowded and commercialised beach, but still you like all this, then go to Khao Lak. There are immense and beautiful among them, and the hills covered with greenery of trees that look after them make four-moons in their beauty. The forests of the forests, the structures of stones and the island are wonderful. there is Khao Sok national park at a distance, where the world’s largest and unique flower rafflesia is found. you can stay at the National Park’s rainforest guest house at night at an affordable price. The drive from Khao Sok…

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Be A Proud & Caring Dog Owner With These Simple Tips

There are some things in life that are more fun and beneficial like bringing dogs to your family. Your dog will offer love and loyalty to your family – as long as you provide food, shelter, responsible care and love in return. Not only this, a dog is the best companion if you are living a single life. These innocent creatures offer so much love without any expectations. For some pet lovers, these are family. If you have a dog at your home then you must look for these simple dog care tips in order to treat them better. With these 10 basic care tips, you will be prepared to offer your dog the best life he could ask for.


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Summers has its charm ice creams, mocktails, beaches, swimming, etc. But with this come a lot of heat, dust and sweat. Not only this you sometimes feel low energy and lethargic. We have come with the finest solution to beat the heat in summers. Here are some the tips that you can use to stay fit in summers. Click on the link below to read more-


PRIDE CELEBRATION – A tribute to LGBT Community

Google is having a pride celebration. For those who are unfamiliar with this. The celebration here represents the freedom, liberation, and acceptance of them. Every human on this planet has the right to live their life in their own way. This revolution started in 1979 and it took decades and serious efforts of people around the Globe to make it happen. These people have suffered a lot and this freedom took sacrifices of innocent beings. People are always afraid of accepting things that are a little different.  Sometimes people need to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means standing alone and these people stood up for themselves.

LGBT Community

In India, people knew everything about it but were too afraid to address the elephant in the room.  Last year will the efforts being made in the past finally served the purpose. The Supreme Court passed article 377 stating that every individual or every citizen of this country has the right to choose their partners. This was groundbreaking and the people of the community shared immense happiness with the decision.

Still, there is a lot which needs to be changed. There are people who are still hesitant when we talk about it. There are families who still not prefer their child as LGBT. The more we will talk about it, the less awkward it will become. We need to understand that these people are not against any custom or religion, the only thing they are with is Love. After all, LOVE IS LOVE and it is too beautiful to be hidden in a closet.

Rainbow cake

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Love is a beautiful and fickle thing. Sometime it is hard for us to understand it. Read More- https://onlinecake.in/blog/post/58-love-often-misquoted-and-misunderstood.html

A Door To Knowledge Getting Extinct

Saying we love reading or books is actually very easy but how many of us read..?? In this world of Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc…. the young generation is unfortunate to know the smell of old books and inks. AAhhh!!! That fragrance had tales to tell.


 Not only the young generation but many of us prefer reading online or sometimes we use a kindle. But the essence of the book is can be told by a true book lover and when we say book lover, we talk about people who actually invest their time in reading books.

Everything starts at home we have to inculcate reading habits in our children from an early age. Apart from their school’s book give them some interesting and learning books. Books are a powerful tool, that takes you to the most amazing places and provide you with learning that nobody ever could.

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Worrisome Condition of Government Schools & Failing Education System In India

I have always believed that education is the most powerful weapon in shaping young minds and a brighter future of any Nation. This the only tool by which we can abolish many differences and customs that are toxic for our society. When we comes to India and talk about education system then very few of us know take it as a matter of concern. For rich or middle class people maybe it isn’t but the fact of the matter remains it is actually a serious matter. One of my colleague Mrs. Kiran Bisht faced a vicious cycle of the education system. It became nearly impossible for her to select a good school for her Kid. The Bollywood movie English Medium truly depicts that scenario. The shooting fees of private schools, Unnecessary demands, high amount of admission fees and donation, etc…

Government School poor condition in India

Now you will say why not go for Government school..? Recently, a survey came from Gujarat stating that not even a single student from Gujarat Government School managed to score more than 60%. Well, no wonder this happened looking at the poor education and condition provided to these children. The deteriorating and tragic condition of these schools will give you nightmares. The Infrastructure, sanitation problem, teachers, students everything is at a questionable condition.

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As the Trends predict NDA’s will have a massive victory in the Lok Sabha Elections.  The Verdict is out BJP makes it’s Mark again. Election 2019 was all about MODI V/S Everyone. A man has never been hated and loved so much in the history of Indian Politics. What really worked for them..? Is it because of the creation of Brand Modi. BJP has played its card really well. They know exactly how to influence and drive the public of this Nation.

Mission Shakti- Modi

One thing is very much clear from the Verdict that this Nation as clearly rejected Rahul Gandhi as a leader for this Nation. Congress need to sulk in and concentrate on the fact what went wrong for them and things they really need to work on.

Regional parties also failed to make a mark in this Election. Can we say that when it comes to Central Election the role of regional parties is almost vanished?

The thing which is a matter of concern is this real problem was least talked about and focused. We hope this time the Government focuses and work on real issues. Rather than talking they work and make more effort in building a strong and prosperous Nation.

Voting Image

For other parties we would like to say swallow and digest the Verdict. The Nation has spoken its Voice loud and clear. Play your role in the opposition well and contribute in Nations Development. As Indian citizen we should support our government in making a better future.

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TOP COUNTRIES WITH GOOD COUNTRY INDEX- When will India Make it’s Place..?

India is a country with many economic and social problems. We are fighting with so many prevailing social conditions that in this scenario if someone will talk about the good country index or living standard then it will appear as a joke to us.

In India more than half of the population percent is living a stressful and unhealthy life. We are so lost that in our own problems that we can’t even think about the living conditions, change in climate or nature. People and intellectuals talk and very few are doing some great efforts but these efforts are not sufficient.

Poverty in India

Aren’t we are responsible for all of this..?? On this 23rd the Election Result will be out. Now pause for a minute and take a look back what were the issues we focused on..? You will get your answer.

India has a long way to go and make a place in Good Country Index. But here are some of the countries that did. Have a look-


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