Astronomers Captures First Image of Black Hole

Some astronomers finally managed to click a picture of Black Whole. Well, if you think what’s big in this and we must tell you it’s distance from earth. Black hole is 55 Millions away from Earth. Yes!! that far. As soon this news was out in the world, everyone in the scientific field started celebrating. For every physicist in the world, it’s time for a huge celebration. Everyone celebrating by opening a bottle of wine, that’s big this achievement really is.

Black Hole Image
First Image of Black Hole

After this during an interview, Michio Kaku shares some insight on this and tell the importance of this achievement. He stated-” We physicist waited a 100 years, since 1916 for this photograph. This photograph is the smoking gun. First of all the black disc in the centre is the advent horizon. The point of the return, you fall through advent horizon and never come out. It’s like a cosmic motel. Everything checks in. nothing checks out. In fact, our solar system could be devoured for lunch by this black hole and the black hole wouldn’t even burpp!! That’s how big this monster really is (sarcasm) and we finally captured it on film.

Black Hole is a matter of discussion quite a decade. Very few achievement and growth have been done in this research. But after this picture, there is a ray of hope for our physicist. This will help them revealing the unsolved greater mysteries of this universe.

How it was made Possible..??

Radio telescopes were lash together with computers. The signals from 7 and 8 radio telescopes were combined to give a telescope of a size that was suitable for the experiment.

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