Daughter’s Day Celebration

Today is Sunday, Daughters Day. That is, a special day for daughters around the world. There is a saying that sons carry forward the dynasty, but the beauty of the house comes only from the flirtation of the daughters. She is a daughter who understands all the problems of a mother without speaking. Sometimes she becomes a mother’s cute daughter doll, sometimes she supports her in her troubles, her hand in the kitchen, her best friend who shares her secret.

The closer a daughter is to her mother, the more the love and love of her father. For any daughter, her father is a superhero who can save her from any problem. Having a daughter makes the father more caring and emotional. Overall, daughters add a new life to the bribes. This is the special day of these daughters. But how did the trend of celebrating Daughters Day started in the world? We tell you this …

How did ‘Daughters Day’ begin?

Actually Daughters Day is celebrated all over the world on different days and different times. In India, it is celebrated on the last Sunday of September every year. No matter how much the daughters are progressing today, but in many parts of society, daughters are undermined by sons. In such a situation, to promote equality, the government of some countries decided to celebrate this day. People’s mindset is slowly changing with time. Gradually, the trend of celebrating Daughters Day is increasing among the people. Today, people are celebrating the daughter’s birth. So what are you thinking, you too, celebrate today with your dear dear daughter and make them realize how important she is to you.

When a man becomes the father of a daughter, then there are many important changes in his life. Like it becomes more emotional than ever. More care and profession comes in it. The peace and love that any daughter feels by staying near her father does not match the love of anyone else. He is the first hero of his life. The daughter always thinks that Papa can fulfill her every dream. We can solve all his confusion. Such a father tries to fulfill every wish of his daughter. Father wants to fulfill his dreams and career, from his daughter’s education. The wings of flying in the open sky are met with the encouragement of the father. There is a halt to life, fathers never leave their daughter’s company. Whatever the circumstances, the father’s dear love keeps the daughter.

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Worrisome Condition of Government Schools & Failing Education System In India

I have always believed that education is the most powerful weapon in shaping young minds and a brighter future of any Nation. This the only tool by which we can abolish many differences and customs that are toxic for our society. When we comes to India and talk about education system then very few of us know take it as a matter of concern. For rich or middle class people maybe it isn’t but the fact of the matter remains it is actually a serious matter. One of my colleague Mrs. Kiran Bisht faced a vicious cycle of the education system. It became nearly impossible for her to select a good school for her Kid. The Bollywood movie English Medium truly depicts that scenario. The shooting fees of private schools, Unnecessary demands, high amount of admission fees and donation, etc…

Government School poor condition in India

Now you will say why not go for Government school..? Recently, a survey came from Gujarat stating that not even a single student from Gujarat Government School managed to score more than 60%. Well, no wonder this happened looking at the poor education and condition provided to these children. The deteriorating and tragic condition of these schools will give you nightmares. The Infrastructure, sanitation problem, teachers, students everything is at a questionable condition.

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Chennai Super Kings V/S Mumbai Indians – Captain Cool V/S Captain Cool

In the IPL, the final match of the tournament has already started. Defending champions Chennai Super King is in the eighth time in the final by defeating Delhi. Now her title match will be from the Mumbai Indians. Both teams have the opportunity to make a title round. In the last 11 seasons, both the teams have won 3-3 titles. The final match will be held on Sunday at 7.30 pm at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Both teams have won the IPL title three times and now the team who will win this season will make history. Now, these are the history Rohit or Dhoni, who will make it known on Sunday, but it will not be easy to get Rohit’s fanatics in the finals for the Dhoni army.


Mumbai and Chennai have clashed three times in the final

This is the fourth chance in IPL history when Mumbai and Chennai will face each other in the final. Before this, these two teams have thrown in the final three times where the bet is in the hands of Mumbai. Mumbai and Chennai were introduced to each other in 2010 for the first time in the IPL. This time Chennai beat Mumbai by 22 runs and took the title to their name. It was exactly the same time that in the year 2013, the final match was played between Mumbai and Chennai again. This time Mumbai had won the title by taking his last revenge, defeating Dhoni’s CSK by 23 runs. The third time the two teams face the final match in 2015. This time again, Rohit’s captaincy took the title. In this match, Mumbai defeated Delhi by 41 runs. At the moment, statistics say that in the final, Chennai has played against Mumbai but this time Chennai has a great opportunity to take revenge for the 2015 defeat.

Captain: Rohit Sharma vs MS Dhoni

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma and Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni have very similarities. The biggest similarity is their unresolved nature and control over their emotions. Both of these players are less angry on the field. The interesting thing is that both of these captains make little changes in the team. It shows how much faith they have on their players. While Dhoni is an expert in strategy, Rohit has a consistent perspective of veterans like mentor Sachin Tendulkar and coach Mahela Jayawardene.

Chennai and Mumbai match this season

In this season, Chennai and Mumbai were held twice during the league match and Rohit’s team won both times. In the first match of the league, both the teams met at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, where CSK lost to Mumbai by 37 runs.

The second match was played at Chennai’s Chepauk Stadium. Even here, Mumbai had defeated Chennai by six wickets on their home ground. The team’s command was in the hands of Dhoni only in both the losers against Mumbai but Rohit did not even have one in front of him. Now the results of this season’s performance and the results of the earlier finals have come as a result of the fact that Mumbai’s top position in Chennai in the final is huge.

Strength of both teams

Mumbai Indians

Batting – IPL is the only team that has almost all dependable players. Opener Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock are doing well in the season, while Suryakumar Yadav, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya and Krupal Pandya have the capability to dominate any bowler in the middle order. The most interesting thing is that all the batsmen in Mumbai are hard-hitter, but they can also bat in the match according to the situation.

Bowling- if talk about of fast bowling, Jaspreet Bumrah (17 wickets), Lasith Malinga (15 wickets) and Hardik Pandya (14 wickets) are in the form of Gajab. Wherever Malinga is presenting a tough challenge for opposition batsmen, Bumrah is considered the best bowler of the present time. Rahul Chahar (12 wickets) and Kunal Pandya (11 wickets) have taken wickets at crucial moments.

Chennai Super Kings

Batting- The team has players like Shane Watson, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu and MS Dhoni himself, who are not only experienced but also able to change the game’s attitude on his own. In the lower order, there are also hit players like Ravindra Jadeja and Dwayne Bravo.

Bowling- Deepak Chahars in the team’s fast bowling is consistently performing well. On the other hand, Chennai’s spin attack is a strong side. Better with Harbhajan Singh, who previously played for Mumbai. Imran Tahir is running in a formidable form. He has taken 24 wickets so far this season.

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SRI LANKA ATTACK- A Day of Innocent Blood-Shed

Sunday will be remembered in history as a bloody day for Sri Lanka. Nearly 300 people died in 8 serial bomb blasts on Easter in Sri Lanka. What is happening to humanity..?? Is hate and rage is the answer to anything..? No one has answers to these questions.

sri lanka attacks

Before exploding in an explosive laden on the back side at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Sri Lanka, the suicide bomber appeared in a row during a buffet for Easter breakfast. A manager of this hotel said that the attacker had stayed in the hotel last night after the name of Mohammad Azam Mohammad. During breakfast, he kept a plate in his hand and when he was going for food, he did this destructive attack. No one has taken responsibility for the blasts in Colombo’s different churches and hotels.

On condition of anonymity, the manager told the AFP news agency, “There was a lot of turmoil there. It was one of the busiest days at the hotel’s Taperoben restaurant, because there is a large crowd gathering on Easter weekend. The manager further said that ‘at that time eight and a half hours were in the morning and the person was busy. There were many families there. He (the attacker) came to the forefront in the queue and exploded there. The manager further said that one of our managers, who were welcoming guests at that time, died on the spot. The assailant also died. The police took her dead body from the spot. Another official of the hotel told that the attacker was a Sri Lankan citizen and he stayed in the hotel with a fake Id and address. He told that he is in the city in connection with the business.

sri lanka-attacks

It is worth mentioning that at least 290 people were killed and about 500 others were injured in eight bomb blasts, including suicide attacks on Easter churches in the cathedral and five-star hotels in Sri Lanka. So far, about 13 people have been arrested in Liskli for this attack, the curfew imposed yesterday has been lifted. Five Indian nationals died in this attack.

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Jet Airways- A Sad and Tragic End!!

After the announcement of temporary shutting down of Jet Airways there has been a significant rise in the problems for their employees. In it’s darkest hour the airlines bid farewell in arrival lounge. The employees, pilots and workers with their heavy hearts bid goodbye to the airlines.

Jet Airways

The lack of interim funding has forced the airlines to shut down. The are not able to find or attract investors, that made the airlines owners overly challenging to run the entity.

Some of the employees in Mumbai gathered around PM Office and are protesting against the government for not taking any action to save airlines. This is also a tragic news for India as one after the other, every Indian airlines is either suffering loss or getting Shut down. First Kingfisher and now Jet Airways. India Airlines is also facing financial crisis and suffering loss.

jet employees protesting

Thousand of people are getting unemployed, Our Government talk about Make In India and Empowering India but when it actually comes to support entities like these they fail miserably. Government seriously need to take some serious steps to support our Airlines or else that day is not behind when our airlines and our dreams of Indian Flying will be a dead end.

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Captain Cool loses his Cool

Yesterday during a match between CSK (Chennai Super Kings) VS RR (Rajsthan Royals) we got to see a sight of M.S. Dhoni our captain cool. This was the very first time when a Captain storm out onto the ground to have a discussion with the Umpires. The step taken by Dhoni has received mixed comments, as we has never seen Dhoni losing his temper on or off fields.


During the final over Ben Stokes was given the job to stop CSK from scoring 18 runs. But when bowled an above waist height full toss to Mitchell Snatner, the Umpire on the field signaled it as no ball( well it looked pretty much like that), later the Umpire refused to such signal and stick with the decision that it was not a No-Ball.

This made M.S.Dhoni furious and he walked straight to have discussion with the Umpires from dugout. The commentators and the players on the field, everyone was shocked by this behavior.

Slater said on Air- “I can’t say I have seen this kind of behavior. You will never see a Captain storm out onto the field to challenge an Umpire decision. Unbelievable”

Dhoni-CSK vs RR-onlinecake.in

After the match many former cricketers tweeted on Dhoni’s reaction, everyone was in the favor of the spirit of the game.

Harsh Bhogle tweeted- “Among the firsts for me in today’s game was the sight of Dhoni walking out onto the ground. As said by @MichaelVaughan- ‘ It is something he will realize he shouldn’t have done.”

In reaction to this Dhoni was fined with 50% ofhis match fees. Well we also support this action as the spirit of the game should not be harmed.

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Modi’s Biopic Banned by Election Commission – Twitter is Celebrating

Vivek oberoi’s Modi Biopic is making headlines once again as Election Commission decide it ban one day before its release (11th April). EC decided that there will be no Biopic released till the result of polls is declared. The internet is flooded with positive reaction and appreciating the stand taken by election commission.

Modi Biopic-onlinecake.in

The reason behind it is very clear EC doesn’t want to promote things that can possibly influence the mind-set of Voters. Everyone in the country is appreciating the decision and stands in support.

Before this a congress activist filed a plea in Supreme Court stating that- “the movie is made to manipulate the mind-set of people.” The plea was dismissed by the Court saying it is premature to decide as the movie is yet to be certified by CBFC.

The step taken by EC should be appreciated as we can watch the movie whenever we want to, but if anything influences the minds of young voters than it should not be appreciated whether it is BJP, Congress or any other political party.  

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