Relish The Taste of Cup Cakes

Relish The Taste of Cup Cakes

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A Guide To Prevent Your Child From Digital World Harmful Effects

Our reliance on the internet is increasing day by day. The internet is as important for us, far more than that for the next generation. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to join this world.

Brother’s phones and laptops goes hand in hand. Half the trade they do through this. Buaji had to make royal cheese, opened the tube and learned. Now there is peace in the house. What is it that more time of father’s time passes in the phone and the shortcomings of the house are less visible to him. Mummy also speaks out of the wall of the world through this small instrument and speaks to her teacher. Childhood celebs have been found after years and chatting has begun in the WhatsApp group.

Internet Parenting Tips

But, When you little one came running to run the net, you scolded him. Saying that this internet is not his work, grow up then you will get it. Wow, in what age are you living? This is the world that moves forward and if the internet is your very thing, then there is no lesser blessing for your child too. In the book, when the child reads about the use of the Internet, even though there are only a few uses of the internet, it is actually one of the vital needs of life. How can you keep your beloved away from this? Your concern is justified in its place, but its needs cannot be ignored. You have to teach him to walk with the world in step by step. By giving a little vigilance and accuracy, you can make the child feel comfortable and a part of this e-world.

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AVENGERS- A Summary of Superhero’s

Avengers is released yesterday and we just keep calm!!!! Reactions are coming from everywhere. People are crying and sharing their emotions on social media. Well, I am a huge fan of the series too and is all excited to watch it. But in case you haven’t watched it. Here is some information regarding the series and characters which will help you. But before you get started to order a cake look for online cake delivery in gurgaon and relish the taste of our finger-licking taste.

Avenger's End Game

The Endgame Marvel Comics superhero team is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Avengers, which has been produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is a direct sequel to 2012 The Avengers of 2012 and the Ascended of 2015: Age of Ultron along with the 2018 Avengers: Infinity War, And the 22nd film in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Anthony and Rousseau’s directed film, written by Christopher Marcus and Stephen Mcphelli, and many actors from the previous MCU films will play a major role in this film.

The film was announced in October 2014 as the Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2. Rousseau Bandhu joined as a director in April 2015, and until May, Marcus and McPheelley were selected to write the film’s screenplay. In July 2016, Marvel removed the title of the movie, after which it was only mentioned as a title less movie film. Filming began in Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County, Georgia in August 2017, and ended in January 2018. Subsequently, additional filming took place in downtown and metro Atlanta areas. The movie’s title, Avengers: End Game, was officially announced in December 2018.

The film is scheduled to be released in the IMAX and 3D formats in the United States on April 26, 2019.


Robert Donnie Jr./Iron Man

The leader and chief of the Avengers, who is a self-proclaimed scholar, Romeo and engineer himself, has created a mechanical suit. Co-director Joe Rousseau said that Stark “has felt the danger of coming, so he is doing everything according to his power to keep the earth safe.” Donny further said that the number of Stark’s goals will be smaller than the previous films, and he will continue his journey as a thinker.

Chris Hemsworth/Thor

The King of an Avenger and Asgard, based on the God of the power of the same name described in the Norse mythical mythology. Rousseau told that Thor’s story will begin in the film Thor: The end of Ragnarok and Thor will find himself on a “very deep … very interesting place” with “real emotions and inspiration”.

Mark Rufflow/Dr Bruce Banner

An intellectual scientist, who turns into a demon when he gets angry due to gamma rays. The banner spends time trying to rejoin the film with the film all the Avengers, and “tries to tell everyone that [Thanos] is so terrible.” Hulk continues his own story in this film, Which began in Thor: Ragnarok, and ends in the sequence of Infinity War, under which the differences between the Hulk and the banner “gradually begin to blur” According to Reflow, Hulk’s mental capacity in Infinity War is now similar to a five-year-old boy.

Chris Evans/Captain America

A fugitive superhero, formerly known as Captain America, and he was the leader of a group of the Avengers. He is a World War II fighter, who has made an experimental serum lead in human physical capabilities, and he is in the modern era after seventy years after he went into a snow-trapped hibernation in an accident. Rousseau “who said that Rogers will fight against the decision of not being a Captain America in this film along with others and his responsibility towards himself. In the film, Rogers’s character in his comic alternative character is a symbol of Nomad’s “feeling”. After abandoning his traditional shield, Rogers uses Shuri’s Shield in this movie.

Avengers-Infinity War

Scarlett Johansson/The Black Widow

A former avenger, as well as the highest level trained spy in Shield. According to Johanson, Captain America: After the events of the Civil War, Natasha’s character has become more “obscure”, and she is not much optimistic, but all this has made her more rigid.

Benedict Cumberbatch/Doctor Strange

A former surgeon, who gets badly injured in a car accident, and finds a cure for his own hands, reach into the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions, staying where he becomes a master in mystical art. Aaron Ledger worked as a Cumberbatch stand-in until he finished filming The Current War. After this, scenes were re-shot with Cumberbatch, in which their face was required to be shown. JFank once again helped in the footsteps of Cumberbatch.

Don Cheadle/War machine

An Avenger, who is an associate of Stark, is an officer in the U.S. Air Force and wears a suit called a wired machine.

Tom Holland/Spider-Man

A 15-year-old boy, who had spider capabilities after being bitten by a genetically modified spider. Peter is a pupil of Stark and is still at the starting stop of Spiderman.

Paul Betty/Vision

An Android and Avenger, which was built by Ultron with the help of Jarvis and Mind Stone. According to Anthony Rousseau, Vision’s existence is in sharp contrast to Thanos’s intentions, and his life is always in danger.

Anthony Maki/Sam Wilson / Falcon

A former PararecuCumman (Parachute Rescue Service), which is mastered fighting the sky war with the help of a specially designed wing pack by the military. Wilson has now made a “redwing” robotic drone as his partner. Mikey commented that Captain America: After the events of the Civil War, Wilson has got a sense of dissatisfaction with many other heroes, including Stark and T’Chalha, in his mind.

Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes

A powerful assassin, a colleague of Rogers, and best friend. Barnes, formerly known as Winter Soldier, named him White Wolf, who had helped him remove Hydra programming.

Tom Hiddleston/Loki

Thor’s adopted brother, who is based on the God of the destruction of the same name of Norse myths.

Idris Elba/Hemdal

The former guard of the Bifrost Bridge, capable of seeing and hearing everything, is based on a god named Norse myths.

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SRI LANKA ATTACK- A Day of Innocent Blood-Shed

Sunday will be remembered in history as a bloody day for Sri Lanka. Nearly 300 people died in 8 serial bomb blasts on Easter in Sri Lanka. What is happening to humanity..?? Is hate and rage is the answer to anything..? No one has answers to these questions.

sri lanka attacks

Before exploding in an explosive laden on the back side at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Sri Lanka, the suicide bomber appeared in a row during a buffet for Easter breakfast. A manager of this hotel said that the attacker had stayed in the hotel last night after the name of Mohammad Azam Mohammad. During breakfast, he kept a plate in his hand and when he was going for food, he did this destructive attack. No one has taken responsibility for the blasts in Colombo’s different churches and hotels.

On condition of anonymity, the manager told the AFP news agency, “There was a lot of turmoil there. It was one of the busiest days at the hotel’s Taperoben restaurant, because there is a large crowd gathering on Easter weekend. The manager further said that ‘at that time eight and a half hours were in the morning and the person was busy. There were many families there. He (the attacker) came to the forefront in the queue and exploded there. The manager further said that one of our managers, who were welcoming guests at that time, died on the spot. The assailant also died. The police took her dead body from the spot. Another official of the hotel told that the attacker was a Sri Lankan citizen and he stayed in the hotel with a fake Id and address. He told that he is in the city in connection with the business.

sri lanka-attacks

It is worth mentioning that at least 290 people were killed and about 500 others were injured in eight bomb blasts, including suicide attacks on Easter churches in the cathedral and five-star hotels in Sri Lanka. So far, about 13 people have been arrested in Liskli for this attack, the curfew imposed yesterday has been lifted. Five Indian nationals died in this attack.

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Jet Airways- A Sad and Tragic End!!

After the announcement of temporary shutting down of Jet Airways there has been a significant rise in the problems for their employees. In it’s darkest hour the airlines bid farewell in arrival lounge. The employees, pilots and workers with their heavy hearts bid goodbye to the airlines.

Jet Airways

The lack of interim funding has forced the airlines to shut down. The are not able to find or attract investors, that made the airlines owners overly challenging to run the entity.

Some of the employees in Mumbai gathered around PM Office and are protesting against the government for not taking any action to save airlines. This is also a tragic news for India as one after the other, every Indian airlines is either suffering loss or getting Shut down. First Kingfisher and now Jet Airways. India Airlines is also facing financial crisis and suffering loss.

jet employees protesting

Thousand of people are getting unemployed, Our Government talk about Make In India and Empowering India but when it actually comes to support entities like these they fail miserably. Government seriously need to take some serious steps to support our Airlines or else that day is not behind when our airlines and our dreams of Indian Flying will be a dead end.

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Captain Cool loses his Cool

Yesterday during a match between CSK (Chennai Super Kings) VS RR (Rajsthan Royals) we got to see a sight of M.S. Dhoni our captain cool. This was the very first time when a Captain storm out onto the ground to have a discussion with the Umpires. The step taken by Dhoni has received mixed comments, as we has never seen Dhoni losing his temper on or off fields.


During the final over Ben Stokes was given the job to stop CSK from scoring 18 runs. But when bowled an above waist height full toss to Mitchell Snatner, the Umpire on the field signaled it as no ball( well it looked pretty much like that), later the Umpire refused to such signal and stick with the decision that it was not a No-Ball.

This made M.S.Dhoni furious and he walked straight to have discussion with the Umpires from dugout. The commentators and the players on the field, everyone was shocked by this behavior.

Slater said on Air- “I can’t say I have seen this kind of behavior. You will never see a Captain storm out onto the field to challenge an Umpire decision. Unbelievable”

Dhoni-CSK vs

After the match many former cricketers tweeted on Dhoni’s reaction, everyone was in the favor of the spirit of the game.

Harsh Bhogle tweeted- “Among the firsts for me in today’s game was the sight of Dhoni walking out onto the ground. As said by @MichaelVaughan- ‘ It is something he will realize he shouldn’t have done.”

In reaction to this Dhoni was fined with 50% ofhis match fees. Well we also support this action as the spirit of the game should not be harmed.

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Man With Awesome One Liners- Amit Bhadana

Hero are not made in a day, it take a lot of time and effort and self-belief for it. This guy’s journey shows that if your truly believe in your-self than nothing is impossible. Sometime with a little luck Success is easy to achieve, but hard to maintain. Ranked as one of the Top Youtubers of all time, he definitely knows how to maintain it.

Youtube is a great career option for this generation. If you are talented than you can use this platform to showcase it. Click on the link given below to read more about his life-

Amit Bhadana

AMIT BHADANA Amit Bhadana was born on 7th September 1994 in a village Johripur near Delhi. Amit Bhadana age is just 24 years old and he has created his name like a brand in comedy world. Narendra Bhadana is the name of Amit Bhadana’s father and his brother name is Sumit Bhadana. Amit completed his studies in Lovely Bunds Public school. Amit […]

The Journey of Amit Bhadana —