Holi is the festival of Colors, Joy and Happiness in India We officially welcome the spring by this festival. As the festival is round the corner no matter how much you love and adore this festival, your skin and hairs are going to suffer the harsh impact of it. Because these days there are different sorts of synthetic colors are available in the market that have lots of chemical in it. These colors can badly damage you skin and hair. It is better to have protection now. So here are some few pre-holi skin and hair tips for you-

happy wishes you a colorful Happy Holi


Before you go out make sure to use a proper sunscreen of at least 40 SPF or more. Go for a sweat proof & heat proof sunscreen, why I am recommending this because this type of sunscreen doesn’t come off easily. Apply the sunscreen to any bare part of your body face neck, hands, etc..


Moisturizer is like food to your skin. Start applying a good moisturizer and lather your skin with it prior one week of Holi. It will create a protective layer on the skin & prevent it from after drying effects of the harsh Holi colors. Apply 2 3 coats of it before playing Holi it will make easier to get rid of the colors once you are done playing.

If you are out of moisturizer you can use baby oil or lightweight, non-sticky body oil Instead. Apply it generously all over your body before playing Holi. My mother used to do this when I was a kid. It is great tip trick to make sure that colors are removed easily from your skin even if you get drenched in colored water.


The colors used during Holi can dehydrate your skin so prior one week keep hydrated. Drink juices, coconut water, drink enough water, and eat fruits.


Coat your lips with Vaseline or a good quality lip balm to prevent them from getting chapped, trust me it is as important as other tips.


While playing Holi choose clothes that fully cover your body. Wear full sleeve, covering clothes before going to get all those colors on. This will act as a physical safeguard for your skin. Nothing is better than shielding your body by a physical barrier.


Forget about all the bollywood desi holi songs, all that dreams of untied flying hairs. If you love your hair, put a very lightweight oil and tie them!!!. Guys can wear a Holi special cap or bandana (for girls) it will give you a cool look, while saving your hairs. If you are not a oil fan than apply a leave in serum to your locks before heading out to play Holi. It will give your hair a layer of protection from the harsh colors & the damaging effects of the sun rays.


If you do not want to attend college or office with Holi-stained nails it is best to apply 2-3 coats of transparent nail paint on your nails before going out to play Holi.

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